Video Advertising

The video campaign ensures your content goes to right audience at the right time by the use of powerful media. This helps you announce yourself to the desired demographics. We strategize video campaigns by creating engaging videos for all sorts of video marketing platforms.

Why Video?

Prdose Video
Boost Your Conversion
There's no better way to improve your conversion rates than video. Adding a video to your landing page could improve conversion rates with more than 80%.
More Shares!
Video contents often sparks an emotional attachment and help more audience engagement and shares. More shared videos means more new audience and more coverage !
Video is the future
Visual content creates an opportunity for deeper relationship with the audience. It is a form of storytelling that touches the audience’s instincts more.


We are a one-stop-shop for video strategy, video production, video marketing and video advertising. With a young and professional team we work for corporates, SMEs and agencies both for marketing and (internal) communication purposes.

We reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We launch, manage and optimize video advertising campaigns on all digital media platforms. Packages: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo

Video strategy

What's the best way to use video?

We strategize on your video advertising campaigns on what type of videos you should produce and how to optimize and distribute them.

Video Production

We produce all types of video.

We do any kinds of video production. What is the goal of your video? We produce the right video to reach that goal.

Video Distribution

Optimizing Video Distribution.

We make sure your videos are getting the best result possible by using the right video marketing platforms and technology.

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    A good integration of all channels of Promotions helped me for better yield. Best of the best goes out for PR Dose!!
    Niro James

    Niro James

    Regular Client
    I am Glad that I chose PR Dose for my video Marketing campaign; Overwhelmed with the Strategies used. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Ian Rex

    Ian Rex

    Regular Client
    I started my Local business with a support motive for fellow ladies. We never thought of our local Business becoming Brand. But hey it happened!! All thanks to PR Dose!

    Victoria Liu

    Regular Client
    My experience with PR Dose has been nothing but AMAZING. Collaboration with you has become a boon as my audience is ever expanding. Looking forward for more to come. Loved your service!

    Danny Cason

    Regular Client
    I understand the struggle of getting into real people and desired audience. With PR Dose my hustle has been half and I am happy for my growing horizon. Thank You PR Dose Keep doing good work.
    Quentin Razore

    Quentin Razore

    Regular Client