Music Promotion

Driving attention to your music is our prior goal. We help you get more exposure and get heard by more people as possible. The strategies we have help your music to get lots of impressions and boost sales. Get ready to create an impact with us!! We help you promote your music through the bunch of digital service providers online.

Prdose Music
Presenting yourself to the audience helps you boost your visibility. You get in everyone’s eye and have your impressions earned.
This is the relationship between the creator and audience. This helps in driving leads and reaches. Go get Viral!!
Boost Streams
More you are heard by many, it is obvious that you drive more traffic and boost streams for your music. You are ready to set the TRENDS!

What we do?

Music Distribution

Your music will be hitting all the music stream platforms like spotify, sound cloud, iTunes, Shazam, Deezer, Iheart. Assuring you the organic traffic, we boost your visibility with an impact.


Everyone has a way of doing things but what distinct you from other is the strategies. We have a strategic planning and execution label for your music promotion. You surely are reaching your desired goal.

Influencer Marketing

Nothing can beat the impressions of influencers when it comes to promotion of anything. They have credibility and with our veteran networking and experience in promotion field, we will share your music through influencer marketing. Your music is surely reaching every ear!!


We have a campaign tracking system which is transparent and since we work for organic traffic, you surely are getting your royalties in no stress. Just relax and count on what your music paid off.

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    Testimonial See what out clients have to say

    A good integration of all channels of Promotions helped me for better yield. Best of the best goes out for PR Dose!!
    Niro James

    Niro James

    Regular Client
    I am Glad that I chose PR Dose for my video Marketing campaign; Overwhelmed with the Strategies used. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Ian Rex

    Ian Rex

    Regular Client
    I started my Local business with a support motive for fellow ladies. We never thought of our local Business becoming Brand. But hey it happened!! All thanks to PR Dose!

    Victoria Liu

    Regular Client
    My experience with PR Dose has been nothing but AMAZING. Collaboration with you has become a boon as my audience is ever expanding. Looking forward for more to come. Loved your service!

    Danny Cason

    Regular Client
    I understand the struggle of getting into real people and desired audience. With PR Dose my hustle has been half and I am happy for my growing horizon. Thank You PR Dose Keep doing good work.
    Quentin Razore

    Quentin Razore

    Regular Client