The Best Music Marketing Strategy That Can be Handy in 2020

What do we need to be famous? Some people think that success depends on luck, while others know that it depends on hard work and opportunities. Similar to success in other fields, success in the music industry is only possible with better music marketing.

However, sometimes your luck might come handy despite all the hard work. It’s important to get noticed by the people who are already established in the industry. Regardless of how much you think about promoting your music, secretly the emerging artist hopes that one day a celebrity will discover you, which will later become a bridge for your success.

The singing superstar, Ed Sheeran can be the perfect example of what will happen when you get noticed by the celebrity. Before he was discovered by Jamie Fox, Sheeran was only famous as an artist in the street of LA who used to attend all the open mics available in the area.

How To Plan Your Music Marketing Strategy?

Before starting, you need to know that music is your product. Additionally, you are the creator of the product and the main goal is to sell your product. In the beginning, it’s important to learn to create a marketing plan. The tips mentioned below will help you to prepare a proper marketing plan.

Analyzing The Market

The market we are talking about is the music industry. Further, it’s important to figure out your competitors and try to be different from others in the market. This, in turn, will be the unique selling proposition.

Know Your Audience

The audience can be defined as your probable fans. On the other words, the audience is a valuable asset for any artist.  Moreover, it’s important to characterize the targeted audience, depending on the music genre.

Long Term and Short Term Goal

Similar to other fields, defining a goal is one of the important aspects of music marketing strategies. Will a new album be released by the end of this year? Specify your objectives and steps you must take to achieve your desired goals.

What Will Be Your Music Marketing Strategies?

The article below will be discussing music marketing strategies. Make sure you go through every part of it to choose a suitable strategy for your music promotion.

Creating A Budget Is Important

You need to measure the budget after evaluating the marketing strategies. How much money will you be investing to promote your music? Well, it’s important to go step by step and work on every point discussed above.

Additionally, it’s impossible for you to promote your music without a better marketing plan. In conclusion, your popularity is depended on the strategies you use to promote your music.

Music Marketing Strategies

Below are 5 effective marketing techniques, which many famous musicians and celebrities have tested successfully. Let’s look at what we’ve got here.

Sharing Your Music On Music Distribution Platform:

With the development of digital technologies, reaching your target audience has become much easier. A great example can be music streaming platforms. Additionally, you can load your album, share your songs and see how people react to it. Furthermore, there’s a lot of outlets like Bandcamp, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc where you can promote your music.

Music Distribution Platform
Music Marketing: Involve in Music Distribution Platform
Source: Medium

But you need to carefully choose what medium to use. In the beginning, focus your target audience where your marketing plan will possibly establish successfully. In addition, find out what platform your targeted audience use. If the majority is using Spotify, upload your music to that particular platform.

Music Influencer Can Help You To Grow

A music influencer is someone who has a huge number of followers on their social media. Furthermore, they can either be bloggers, vloggers or YouTubers. Your objective here is to contact and ask for cooperation with relevant influencers.

Music Marketing
Music Influencer Can Help You To Grow Source: YouTube

Importantly, there are several ways to get featured in their content. They can promote your music either by adding your song to the background music, featuring you in the video or can share your album or track via their social media. This can be an excellent return on your investment. Additionally, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to showcase your music to their audience.

Promoting Music Via Paid Advertising
Promoting Music Via Paid Advertising
Source: websparkmedia

You can use paid advertising to increase your marketing efforts if you struggle to get organic traffic. Google ads, Facebook Business Manager and YouTube ads are some of the best tools for you. This can ensure short-term success, but you have to be prepared to invest in paid ads.

Involve In Live Stream Music Platforms

Another best idea can be going Live. The technology today can help you to reach your audience anytime either from your workplace, home or even bedroom. It will be fruitful to develop a highly dedicated fan base through real-time interactions with them.

Matter of fact, there are many ways to go live. You can use Facebook live, Youtube lives, other live streaming platforms like Concert Window,, YouNow, StaegIt,, etc to develop a good relationship with fans.

Creating A Band Merchandise Can Help You In Music Promotion

Do you need extra revenue to fund your recordings and shows? Band products can be an outstanding way to achieve them. First, you have to build your brand and think about establishing an online shop. 

What sort of merchant band can you offer? Choose between physical and digital albums and posters including your signed books, stickers, video clips, videos of music lessons, online books, etc.

You have to get an understanding of what kind of merchandise your fans want to purchase before developing the band market, look for other bands to find the best sales and determine the budget.

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