Digital marketing In The Music Industry; Music And Internet

In today’s context, people are more into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to the social media revolution, every artist needs to gather their fanbase in these types of platforms. Moreover, other digital platforms like Tidal, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify has revolutionized the world of music on the internet.

Inclusion to both talent and production, marketing is the secret to transforming an artist into a star. Likewise, it’s vital to transform your hard work and expertise to the millions of potential fans. Furthermore, it was just DJs, radio stations, TV, and press that would cover your work before the Internet Age.

So how to transform yourself from an artist to a superstar? Will the internet help you gain popularity? Are you planning your future on the music industry? If you have a similar curiosity, you have popped into the perfect place. Make sure you aren’t missing any part of this article.

Social Media Will be the bridge for your Success

If we consider the trend, Social Media has helped musical talents from the world to transform them as a global superstar. The stars such as Justin Bieber, Adele, or The Weekend all started their musical journey from social media. Moreover, Social media also helps music fans to communicate and connect with their favorite musicians.

Promoting Music Through Social Media
Promoting Music Through Social Media
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Raffi Keuhnelian, CEO of MusicPromoToday, once said:

Fans feel like they have a voice with social media and that they are being heard. Artists use it to communicate with their fans by keeping them in the know-how of the latest news and upcoming releases. Successful artists are those that excel with their digital marketing strategy and reap the rewards of their creative approach.

Social media marketing also offers bands and their managers a cost-effective solution to build up buzz. This has been a real game-changer for every new band who is still playing concerts in mom’s basement. With the capacity to reach millions of audiences through an influencer’s retweet, artists can start their careers before they even begin.

Don’t count more conventional advertising technology such as word of mouth-if anything, the internet and social media are even more relevant.

Your Digital Presence Matters

As you start organizing yourself and preparing for promotion, it is essential to consider everything you need to put together and where all of this will live online.

Digital Presence for digitization of Music
Digital Presence for the digitization of Music
Source: Small Business Sense

If a record label manager or a reservation agent would suddenly like to know about you, can they find it without much effort? Or do they have to sort loose ends, empty profiles, or possibly incorrect links to hear your music and understand your ability?

Electronic Press Kit

Your electronic press kit provides all the assets – such as images and music files, biography, etc. Additionally, EPK helps all media personalities such as editors, bloggers, radio program directors, venue talent buyers, etc. to access your portfolio quickly.

Electronic Press Kit helps to promote music digitally
Electronic Press Kit helps to promote music digitally
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The Electronic Press Kit Must includes:

  1. Bio: Nobody wants a book, but an effective biography does have some crucial elements.
  2. Photos: Professional photography doesn’t have to be unaffordable and goes a long way. Give the author and editor a link for hi-res images. Giving an option of Google Drive or Dropbox won’t be a bad idea.
  3. Press Quotes: Include any positive quotes if you were featured somewhere online or in print. If not, there’s no concern; that is why you are creating a EPK.
  4. Link Your Music: Bear in mind that everyone has favorite outlets for major streaming channels, such as Spotify and Apple Music, besides Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
  5. Linking Your Social Media Profile/Websites: Social media have a way of speeding up what is happening in your world to members of the media.
  6. Imperative/Timely Information: You may, for example, include a section that includes all the details about your new Extended Play (EP) or album.

“Listening Online” is the future of Music Listening

Throughout past decades the music industry has been almost entirely dependent on physical album sales and concerts for revenue. These days Napster has well understood how to stream music directly to digital devices. Even if the music is downloaded illegally, musicians and their managers need to find a way to generate revenue.

Most online music services like SoundCloud, Itunes, Spotify, and Pandora need to find ways not only for smooth and clean stream music but also have to make sure that they pay a royalty fee for many artists while keeping fans’ costs down.

Digital Music Distribution Platforms
Digital Music Distribution Platforms
Source: Medium

But this is the evolution of the actions to be taken to adapt to the way we ingest new information in an era of digital listening. Thanks to its proliferation on the Internet, digital marketing is the entire front for the proper promotion of artists throughout the music industry.

Video Marketing is the Key

Video marketing has also become one of the main tools for digital marketing in the music industry. Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo allow bands to create and upload visual content for millions of people. This led to the introduction of many aspiring artists. Look at the teenage star Avery who rose to fame through YouTube.


The field of the music industry is undoubtedly changing with digital marketing. The trick is not to see this as an unknown threat, but instead, it is a huge opportunity for artists and their teams.

Those who not only survive but thrive in this new musical world are those who make themselves known to broad new audiences through the Internet.


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