The Best Music Marketing Strategy That Can be Handy in 2020

What do we need to be famous? Some people think that success depends on luck, while others know that it depends on hard work and opportunities. Similar to success in other fields, success in the music industry is only possible with better music marketing.

However, sometimes your luck might come handy despite all the hard work. It’s important to get noticed by the people who are already established in the industry. Regardless of how much you think about promoting your music, secretly the emerging artist hopes that one day a celebrity will discover you, which will later become a bridge for your success.

The singing superstar, Ed Sheeran can be the perfect example of what will happen when you get noticed by the celebrity. Before he was discovered by Jamie Fox, Sheeran was only famous as an artist in the street of LA who used to attend all the open mics available in the area.

How To Plan Your Music Marketing Strategy?

Before starting, you need to know that music is your product. Additionally, you are the creator of the product and the main goal is to sell your product. In the beginning, it’s important to learn to create a marketing plan. The tips mentioned below will help you to prepare a proper marketing plan.

Analyzing The Market

The market we are talking about is the music industry. Further, it’s important to figure out your competitors and try to be different from others in the market. This, in turn, will be the unique selling proposition.

Know Your Audience

The audience can be defined as your probable fans. On the other words, the audience is a valuable asset for any artist.  Moreover, it’s important to characterize the targeted audience, depending on the music genre.

Long Term and Short Term Goal

Similar to other fields, defining a goal is one of the important aspects of music marketing strategies. Will a new album be released by the end of this year? Specify your objectives and steps you must take to achieve your desired goals.

What Will Be Your Music Marketing Strategies?

The article below will be discussing music marketing strategies. Make sure you go through every part of it to choose a suitable strategy for your music promotion.

Creating A Budget Is Important

You need to measure the budget after evaluating the marketing strategies. How much money will you be investing to promote your music? Well, it’s important to go step by step and work on every point discussed above.

Additionally, it’s impossible for you to promote your music without a better marketing plan. In conclusion, your popularity is depended on the strategies you use to promote your music.

Music Marketing Strategies

Below are 5 effective marketing techniques, which many famous musicians and celebrities have tested successfully. Let’s look at what we’ve got here.

Sharing Your Music On Music Distribution Platform:

With the development of digital technologies, reaching your target audience has become much easier. A great example can be music streaming platforms. Additionally, you can load your album, share your songs and see how people react to it. Furthermore, there’s a lot of outlets like Bandcamp, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc where you can promote your music.

Music Distribution Platform
Music Marketing: Involve in Music Distribution Platform
Source: Medium

But you need to carefully choose what medium to use. In the beginning, focus your target audience where your marketing plan will possibly establish successfully. In addition, find out what platform your targeted audience use. If the majority is using Spotify, upload your music to that particular platform.

Music Influencer Can Help You To Grow

A music influencer is someone who has a huge number of followers on their social media. Furthermore, they can either be bloggers, vloggers or YouTubers. Your objective here is to contact and ask for cooperation with relevant influencers.

Music Marketing
Music Influencer Can Help You To Grow Source: YouTube

Importantly, there are several ways to get featured in their content. They can promote your music either by adding your song to the background music, featuring you in the video or can share your album or track via their social media. This can be an excellent return on your investment. Additionally, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to showcase your music to their audience.

Promoting Music Via Paid Advertising
Promoting Music Via Paid Advertising
Source: websparkmedia

You can use paid advertising to increase your marketing efforts if you struggle to get organic traffic. Google ads, Facebook Business Manager and YouTube ads are some of the best tools for you. This can ensure short-term success, but you have to be prepared to invest in paid ads.

Involve In Live Stream Music Platforms

Another best idea can be going Live. The technology today can help you to reach your audience anytime either from your workplace, home or even bedroom. It will be fruitful to develop a highly dedicated fan base through real-time interactions with them.

Matter of fact, there are many ways to go live. You can use Facebook live, Youtube lives, other live streaming platforms like Concert Window,, YouNow, StaegIt,, etc to develop a good relationship with fans.

Creating A Band Merchandise Can Help You In Music Promotion

Do you need extra revenue to fund your recordings and shows? Band products can be an outstanding way to achieve them. First, you have to build your brand and think about establishing an online shop. 

What sort of merchant band can you offer? Choose between physical and digital albums and posters including your signed books, stickers, video clips, videos of music lessons, online books, etc.

You have to get an understanding of what kind of merchandise your fans want to purchase before developing the band market, look for other bands to find the best sales and determine the budget.

Wondering how search engine optimization (SEO) and web design go hand in hand & why does it matter to your business? If yes, there is so much to tell you about! Come, let’s dive deeper into it.

If you’re managing a business or a website, then good SEO can help you with your digital presence.

How will you determine good SEO?

Good SEO will scale your business presence online and helps you in branding and lead acquisition, which is still a dream for many people.

How will you determine good SEO?
How will you determine good SEO?
Source: Business 2 Community

Do you know, SEO and web design go hand in hand with one other? It is because a poor web design will make a negative impact on Google and various other search engine’s guidelines. And that is why it gets essential for your business to optimize your website design according to SEO norms.

Come, let’s now have a look at how Calgary SEO Companies believe SEO and web design are related to each other and why you must focus on a search engine optimized website design.

How Does SEO Work?

Before we directly jump into this, let’s have a quick review on how does it (SEO) work on Google. Well, the Google search engine makes use of web crawlers to crawl the search engine in pursuit of suitable websites that would likely be able to provide solutions to what users are seeking (search queries).

How Does SEO Work?
How Does SEO Work?
Source: Pinterest

There are three primary functions served by search engines:


Scour the whole Internet for content, examining the content or code for every URL it finds.


Store and manage the content found in the crawling process. And once a web-page is indexed, it is going to be shown to some relevant queries.


Show up the content that answer’s the searcher’s query best. The results are ordered in most relevant to the least consistent pattern.

What Matters For Search Engines?

Although it’s a technologically advanced and fast-paced world, web crawlers still rank your website based on its text. Primarily, this is why it’s been suggested by many marketers to get all your internal linking and main pages simple to read and organize well. If not, you risk it being hard for the web crawler to fulfill its job effectively.

It does not matter if there are sliders, videos, flash images, gifs, and attractive animations; still, there should text-based content present on the website.


 Making use of things such as Google web fonts is going to make it simpler for Goggle to read your website content, whereas sites such as Link Now can help you with the optimization thing.

Remember that

In the end, Google wants to read your website thoroughly. Further, it is also going to reward you if it feels so. And this is what you need to hold in now and beyond. Let’s now have a look at some specific areas:


Some core elements set the stage for an optimized website design process.


Hosting in an important thing! A slow-running site makes users unhappy. Updated rules should be followed while hosting. You need to be situated where your target audience is located. Try to be more platform-specific and quick to make out the most.


Ensuring your domain makes sense and relates to what your business does is super important. No need to be fooled by thinking, adding keywords in the domain name is going to help. This only seems to be a draft, so be sensible in it.

Ensuring that all sub-domains and variations are effectively pointing on the website & re-directing to every canonical version of the website is important too.

CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is going to decide a lot of things. Moreover, WordPress is one great option preferred by many businesses. It is wired up in a way Google can understand.

CMS (Content Management System)
CMS (Content Management System)
Source: saltmanage

This is not to mean WordPress is the ideal choice every time, but indeed it is one excellent starting point for many businesses. You only need to be certain that the CMS you choose is the right one for your business requirements.

Internal Linking

It is essential to make crawlers discover your internal links. And for that, you need to ensure all the tools and primary navigation let other webpages to be found easily.

PRO TIP – Many tools can help you in this, and Screaming Frog is one amongst the list!

XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap makes search engines understand a website structure while crawling. As you pass more data to search engines, you can know webpages that are more valuable and hence give them a priority.

Follow W3c Norms

Google loves a clear and well-organized code. Well, who doesn’t? Clear code can make the site index easily, and often exhibits how well the site is designed. Following W3C norms further make you write semantic code, which is a good thing for SEO.

Optimize Images

Images are an essential element of the website. However, many times it gets overlooked when it happens to SEO optimization. Integrate some useful tricks and have superbly optimized images.

Clear Homepage  

A clear homepage makes it easy for Google to understand what your business does and how it can help the users seeking the services you’re already trading in. Therefore, make sure to include important things such as your services, keywords, company name, testimonials, nature of your services because this is what Google is looking for.

Make sure to get all these in a text-based format so that it gets easy for the Google crawlers to crawl it. And if a crawler is not able to find it, then my dear friend, it is completely worthless for you, as no one is going to visit your website anyway.

Use Heading & Sub-Heading Tags Carefully

Ensure to make the right use of heading tags in your website content. Moreover, heading tags provide Google with data on the structure of the HTML document. Many times, they also give more value to these tags as compared to other text.

Use JavaScript Cautiously

Many businesses make use of JavaScript overly on their whole site. Google crawl through a different website to index them and then decide their rankings.

If the site has an over usage of JavaScript, Google will find it hard to understand the site and will cause crawling problems. JavaScript doesn’t even work well on smartphone devices.


Web crawlers usually use the structure of the Uniform resource locator to get the context of your site’s internal links. The best thing to be followed over here is by staying consistent with the structure and names of your internal links. It would work great if you keep it as clear as you can.

Let’s suppose if your website is an online business offering online education courses and books, then you should do blog posts on topics such as:

Why should students consider reading our notes?

How can academic revision notes help you score better?

Now, suppose its




Have you noticed how does the second link is going so out-of-the-way? In fact, in such a case, Google is going to get in figuring out what this is and hence will not give the credit for posting the blog. Hence, it becomes a must to ensure that website URLs are consistent, aligned, and address the search engine that is a post all about.

SEO and Web design Altogether

SEO and Web design Altogether
SEO and Web design Altogether
Source: inforiants

This is how SEO and Web Design go hand in hand. It gets essential for you and your business to consider how web crawlers and your users will perceive your website. In addition to this, get a website designed in such a way that it is simple to navigate so that anyone can know your offerings.

Let’s Fix Your Web Design and SEO Today!

Understanding the connection between web design and SEO is the key to strengthening your website. Additionally, it is also your path to maximizing your website’s potential and finding ways to reach out to the target audiences.


In today’s context, people are more into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to the social media revolution, every artist needs to gather their fanbase in these types of platforms. Moreover, other digital platforms like Tidal, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify has revolutionized the world of music on the internet.

Inclusion to both talent and production, marketing is the secret to transforming an artist into a star. Likewise, it’s vital to transform your hard work and expertise to the millions of potential fans. Furthermore, it was just DJs, radio stations, TV, and press that would cover your work before the Internet Age.

So how to transform yourself from an artist to a superstar? Will the internet help you gain popularity? Are you planning your future on the music industry? If you have a similar curiosity, you have popped into the perfect place. Make sure you aren’t missing any part of this article.

Social Media Will be the bridge for your Success

If we consider the trend, Social Media has helped musical talents from the world to transform them as a global superstar. The stars such as Justin Bieber, Adele, or The Weekend all started their musical journey from social media. Moreover, Social media also helps music fans to communicate and connect with their favorite musicians.

Promoting Music Through Social Media
Promoting Music Through Social Media
Source: Pinterest

Raffi Keuhnelian, CEO of MusicPromoToday, once said:

Fans feel like they have a voice with social media and that they are being heard. Artists use it to communicate with their fans by keeping them in the know-how of the latest news and upcoming releases. Successful artists are those that excel with their digital marketing strategy and reap the rewards of their creative approach.

Social media marketing also offers bands and their managers a cost-effective solution to build up buzz. This has been a real game-changer for every new band who is still playing concerts in mom’s basement. With the capacity to reach millions of audiences through an influencer’s retweet, artists can start their careers before they even begin.

Don’t count more conventional advertising technology such as word of mouth-if anything, the internet and social media are even more relevant.

Your Digital Presence Matters

As you start organizing yourself and preparing for promotion, it is essential to consider everything you need to put together and where all of this will live online.

Digital Presence for digitization of Music
Digital Presence for the digitization of Music
Source: Small Business Sense

If a record label manager or a reservation agent would suddenly like to know about you, can they find it without much effort? Or do they have to sort loose ends, empty profiles, or possibly incorrect links to hear your music and understand your ability?

Electronic Press Kit

Your electronic press kit provides all the assets – such as images and music files, biography, etc. Additionally, EPK helps all media personalities such as editors, bloggers, radio program directors, venue talent buyers, etc. to access your portfolio quickly.

Electronic Press Kit helps to promote music digitally
Electronic Press Kit helps to promote music digitally
Source: Fiverr

The Electronic Press Kit Must includes:

  1. Bio: Nobody wants a book, but an effective biography does have some crucial elements.
  2. Photos: Professional photography doesn’t have to be unaffordable and goes a long way. Give the author and editor a link for hi-res images. Giving an option of Google Drive or Dropbox won’t be a bad idea.
  3. Press Quotes: Include any positive quotes if you were featured somewhere online or in print. If not, there’s no concern; that is why you are creating a EPK.
  4. Link Your Music: Bear in mind that everyone has favorite outlets for major streaming channels, such as Spotify and Apple Music, besides Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
  5. Linking Your Social Media Profile/Websites: Social media have a way of speeding up what is happening in your world to members of the media.
  6. Imperative/Timely Information: You may, for example, include a section that includes all the details about your new Extended Play (EP) or album.

“Listening Online” is the future of Music Listening

Throughout past decades the music industry has been almost entirely dependent on physical album sales and concerts for revenue. These days Napster has well understood how to stream music directly to digital devices. Even if the music is downloaded illegally, musicians and their managers need to find a way to generate revenue.

Most online music services like SoundCloud, Itunes, Spotify, and Pandora need to find ways not only for smooth and clean stream music but also have to make sure that they pay a royalty fee for many artists while keeping fans’ costs down.

Digital Music Distribution Platforms
Digital Music Distribution Platforms
Source: Medium

But this is the evolution of the actions to be taken to adapt to the way we ingest new information in an era of digital listening. Thanks to its proliferation on the Internet, digital marketing is the entire front for the proper promotion of artists throughout the music industry.

Video Marketing is the Key

Video marketing has also become one of the main tools for digital marketing in the music industry. Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo allow bands to create and upload visual content for millions of people. This led to the introduction of many aspiring artists. Look at the teenage star Avery who rose to fame through YouTube.


The field of the music industry is undoubtedly changing with digital marketing. The trick is not to see this as an unknown threat, but instead, it is a huge opportunity for artists and their teams.

Those who not only survive but thrive in this new musical world are those who make themselves known to broad new audiences through the Internet.


As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is a widely used platform for public awareness, entertainment, and education. Matter of fact, YouTube has about 22 billion visits a month, and the average time for the session is around 40 minutes. As per the reports, the mentioned fact outweighs both the Netflix and Facebook videos combined.

YouTube has evolved and grown continuously. Back in time, Funny cat and dog videos on skateboards were dominating the platform. However, YouTube these days is proving to be one of the leading marketing platforms.

Like all things on the internet, it has been a practice that people have begun to capitalize on, investing money, either to promote thier organization or content itself. In addition to that, 62% of companies use YouTube as a channel to post video content, which is insane!

Well, if you are a marketer or content creator who wants to flourish on YouTube, you need to invest alot of time and hardwork. If appropriately done, undoubtedly, more views, a better user experience, and possibilities to broaden your content and audience viewing will reward you.

So, how can you generate more views and involve people to view your content on YouTube? The article below covers the tips and techniques to get more views on YouTube, build your brand, and boost your sales. Make sure you stay tuned with us until the end.

Getting An Organic Search Is Important

YouTube also has its algorithms to show users the best and most relevant videos, just like Google’s search results algorithms. Imagine if a blind person has the duty of classifying the content according to its popularity and authenticity.

Getting An Organic Search Is Important
Getting An Organic Search Is Important

Sounds tough, right? Luckily, YouTube has a large number of factors in its algorithm for determining which videos are at the top of its search results.

Creating A Eye-Catching Content

No matter how many hacks and tricks you use to get views on your content, the most crucial factor is the video itself.  So, how to create an Eye-Catching content? Undoubtedly, the best way is to create videos by yourself, and more importantly, it’s better if you use your creative concept.

Creating A Eye-Catching Content
Creating A Eye-Catching Content

Identify what your ideal customer wants to know the most and create videos for him or her. Will it work? Yes, the famous YouTube creator Graham Cochrane kissed the height only by focusing on how-to content. Notably, in the comments on his social networks, Cochrane finds video ideas. If that doesn’t work, he asks his community what videos they are interested in.

Using Rich And Descriptive Type Of Keyword

This is where your keyword research is at stake. A descriptive and exciting title will do two different things: give the algorithm, keywords to sort and attract users to find out the meaning of the video. Additionally, you can use traditional SEO approaches, such as the use of keyword planners or other keyword research tools, to perform keyword research.

Go to Keyword Planner and pick YouTube Search on the far right to test keyword popularity on YouTube. Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help you to get organic views.

Tags Play A Major Role

YouTube video tags help to identify the type of video and support the algorithm to understand what viewers see on the screen.

These should represent the heart of your vídeo, together with your description and title.  As mentioned above, if you need keyword help, you can again take the help of google keyword planner.

Foster Audiences For Subscription

Have you ever heard this saying, “The best new clients are your former clients?” That is to say, keeping clients can be a right way of growing the business. Likewise, for the YouTube business, the same concept can be handy.

One of the best and efficient ways of getting more exposure to YouTube is to persuade your current followers to subscribe. As a result, the number of views on each video you release will increase.

So how do you earn subscribers? The best way to ask them to subscribe to your channel both at the beginning and end of your video.

Thumbnail Image Attracts Viewers

Your thumbnail image plays an essential role in attracting viewers; either your content appears in the organic results page, suggested videos section, or appearing on social media.

It won’t be fascinating if you allow YouTube to pick your thumbnail automatically. Use the screenshot function of your device to capture and upload an image from your video, which is emotionally convincing.

Short And Sweet Video Description

Consider telling viewers a story in your video description rather than explaining what happens in the video. Be entertaining and remember that the area of description is not where messages are to be reached.

Do You Know About Youtube Algorithm?

YouTube defines its algorithm as a “search and discovery system.” The algorithm determines which video is displayed to the viewers as soon as they enter the keyword. And not just individual videos but entire YouTube channels are affected by the algorithm.

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Algorithm

Further, the algorithm is largely based on the time that someone watches your videos, calculated in cumulative minutes. As per the youtube itself:

Each video uploaded—as well as every channel on YouTube—is ‘ranked’ by watch time.

“Watch time” is not that easy as it seems. It includes the time people spend watching your videos. Additionally, you will also receive “Watch Time Credits” if you manage to indulge viewers for the more extended period in your channel.

In conclusion, as people spend longer watching videos and spend more time watching videos from other users you refer to, the algorithm is more likely to be effective in your videos.

Promote your Videos on Different Platform

Well, this one is a bit no-brainer. If you have audiences in your other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more, let them know when you post your new video to YouTube.

For example, try creating the preview of your video on social media, and then guide users through a link in the bio for the full video to your YouTube channel.

Apart from social media, try to incorporate YouTube videos into the related website pages or into blog postings that accompany video content.

Experimenting With YouTube Ads is not a bad idea

One of the effective ways to earn viewers on YouTube is to pay for them. YouTube ads expose your content to viewers who wouldn’t view it otherwise. Make sure you are targetting the right crowd by using the comprehensive targeting options.

Experimenting With YouTube Ads
Experimenting With YouTube Ads

Apart from the content marketer, other marketers has already understood the strength of YouTube ads – according to U.S. senior advertisers, YouTube is second the highest percentage of U.S. digital video ads.

Digital Video Advertising / Paid ADS

It is not an easy task to drag the attention of consumers effectively in today’s digital ecosystem, so as a result, programmatic Advertising is gaining popularity. Millions of blogs, apps, and digital resources can be accessed every day on several platforms.

It is increasingly challenging to use separate platforms for advertising on various channels and for selecting the best spots to place your ads in the digital world. So, to solve this problem, Programmatic advertising can be the best way.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The use of software to buy digital advertising is the programmatic ad buying. While the traditional method consists of applications, tenders, quotes, and human negotiations, programmatic buying uses display space, bought with machines and algorithms.

Programmatic Advertising

In other words, the automatic buying and selling of online advertising is programmatic advertising. Such automation makes transactions more efficient and effective. Additionally, it also simplifies the process and improves the effort of your digital advertising on a technical platform.

If you are convinced with Programmatic Ad Advertising, different platforms offer the service. Some of them are SmartyAds, TubeMogul (A Part of Adobe Advertising Cloud),, MediaMath, PrDose and many more

Categories Of Programmatic Media Buying

You need to learn the jargon for this process to understand programmatic media buying. Firstly, the buying of programmatic media may be divided into three categories:

  1. Real-Time Bidding (RTB): Often called open auction, RTB is when prices for inventory are determined in real-time via an auction. This is available to any advertiser or publisher. Also, RTB is viewed as an economical means of buying media from a broad public.
  2. Private Marketplace (PMP): Although it is like open auctions, PMPs are limited to fewer participants. Only selected advertisers are eligible to use PMPs. Nevertheless, publishers may have the ability to choose advertisers for an invitation in some cases.
  3. Programmatic Direct: This is when a publisher bypasses auctions to sell the advertising inventory to advertisers (or multiple advertisers) at a fixed cost per mile (CPM).


To conclude, Programmatic advertising allows marketers to better function and optimize the Share Of Attention (R) across desired channels. With this, the marketers will reach the most desirable markets and demographics and use data to identify new possibilities.

By automation and machine learning, Programmmatics creates an environment that helps advertisers to reach their customers more effectively than ever before to achieve the best results through the use of digital media.

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